Science Advisory Task Force

The cornerstone of MCP’s mission is to identify, evaluate and promote science-based, carbon-beneficial solutions on farms and ranches. The role of the Science Advisory Task Force is to identify areas of relevant scientific inquiry, conduct original research and participate in the integration of new information into related tools and best practices.

Since 2008, members of the Science Advisory Task Force have produced 11 peer-reviewed and published papers. Task Force members have also assisted in the creation of the USDA NRCS COMET tools in cooperation with Colorado State University’s Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory and have conducted work with the US Geological Survey (USGS) to better model the hydrological benefits of carbon farming.

Science Advisory Task Force Partners: Dr. Whendee Silver, UC Berkeley (lead MCP scientist) and Silver Lab; Dr. David J. Lewis, Marin UC Cooperative Extension; Dr. Jeffrey Creque; Dr. Keith Paustian and Dr. William Parton, Natural Resource Ecology Lab, Colorado State University; Dr. Adam Chambers, USDA NRCS; and Dr. Lorraine Flint and Dr. Alan Flint, USGS, California Water Science Center.